Aug 11, 2011

Yel-owe Records - Weekday Workout EP (2011)

Yel-owe Records - Weekday Workout EP (2011)

Weekday Workout by yelowe records

01 Jacky Giordano - Cloudy Night (1976/L'Illustration Musicale/モトネタ)
02 Bugseed - Sugar Night
03 Osurek Bertop - Cloudy Night
04 Yoshinuma - Beat08
05 Ghost Cheek - JnK ft Kuroyagi (from Low High Who? production)
06 Madhandmade - Mad32
07 Rokjoma - beat37
08 Marmelo - Happiness feat.I-be4evr (from The Philly Gathering)
*exclusive guest

09 Voldmars - Brown Cherry
10 9zo0 - Beyond the cloudy skiez (still alive)
11 Percent C - Atheism (from Forte/soundcloud) *exclusive guest
12 Mizube - Untitled
13 Nok - Beat Slave (from KrackJuice) *exclusive guest
14 Impossible is Nothing - Rosehips *exclusive guest
'Weekday Workout' was released on April 23rd
at "We got it release party" with CD-R media only.
I decided to re-release it again on Soundcloud because of many requests.
Big thanks for checking our label. plz spread it if you have any blog kinds media! :)
Download Link
great artwork by Augustus Francis.

we got itでおなじみのyel-owe recordsからWeekday Workout EPがリリース。
このEPは元々4月23日に船橋で行われたWe got itリリースパーティで配られた限定EPですが
EPの内容はwe got it参加メンバーにゲストを加え1曲の同じサンプルで
5曲目のGhost CheekとLHW?のKuroyagi君のJnkって曲がかなり好きです。

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