Oct 20, 2011

[mix] Eugene Wisotow - One Love (Laid Back Radio)

With this set I want to establish a dialogue between artists and listeners… Let's go back to the origins of things we consume. Being so used to shop in stores, malls or on the internet, we never bother to think about those who produce the goods. Contact between producers and customers is very important. Music is no exception.

I will try to introduce you to artists from all over the world, from Brooklyn to Tokyo! Next to the tracks listed in this mix, you'll find interviews of all artists on the Laid Back blog: www.ldbk.eu/onelove

I feel blessed that I had the opportunity to get in touch with each of them
Thank you all for being part of this project!

One Love!

Eugene Wisotow is currently residing in Moscow and develops LDBK in Russia.
Join him on http://vk.com/laidbackradio

Artwork by Anastasia Ivanova


ベルギー・ブリュッセルのonline radio station、Laid Back Radio (LDBK)のNew Mix、
"Eugene Wisotow - One Love"で自分の曲を取り上げていただきました。

Laid Back Radio

bugseed - pizza pizza

pizza pizza by bugseed.

couch lock shit
i sampled this from porn video bgm.

independent beatcasting
bugseed bandcamp

Oct 2, 2011

bugseed - gentle

gentle by bugseed.
bugseed new beat "gentle" from my next beattape.


diaspora x bugseed - street scape mixtape (2011)

bugseed x diaspora - street scape mixtape (2011)

01.j-rocc - stay fresh
02.beatsofreen - headlock
03.hubert daviz - getcheese
04.the midnight eez - everydays chase
05.evil needle - 9999hp
06.hulk hodn - yucca
07.cuthead - painquilizer
08.alterfix - we got the skillz (bbb)
09.exile - in love (milo1 remix)
10.dj sasha - deep miracle
11.duke hugh - haunted
12.kerberos - beat8
13.birds - rooks


diaspora summer wear

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