Dec 17, 2011

[live] Naoto Taguchiの歌舞伎町ラウンジ 12/27 (Tue) @ Shinjuku Be-Wave

Naoto Taguchiの歌舞伎町ラウンジ

12/27 (Tue)
12月27日(火) 新宿Be-Waveという所でLiveします。

[video] Kuschelraptoa - Raubtierkackitalismus

Schweiz Raps Rumpelstilzchen mit nem Teaser für irgendwas neues altes.
Am besten Terminatoas Oawüema. Ach, leck mich.

Dec 7, 2011

Lunatick Records - H​.​E​.​R. Universal Touch Vol​.​1: Japan (2011)

Lunatick Records -  H​.​E​.​R. Universal Touch Vol​.​1: Japan (2011)

H.E.R. Universal Touch Vol.1 is the first of many free Lunatick releases to highlight the many different areas of the world that has been affected by the worldwide cultural phenomenon that is Hip-Hop.

Vol.1 showcases the incredibly prolific nation which is Japan.

Home to many talented producers and emcees such as Bugseed, Repeat Pattern, ILL SUGI and more, Japan has steadily been catching up to the US in terms of Hip-Hop music for a while now.

Album put together and organized by Lunatick Records/UCM and Bugseed.

released 28 November 2011
LunatickUcm Records,Bugseed, RepeatPattern,Hack,ILL SUGI, AK-Z, Broke Yoshinuma & Kumari
lunatick recordsからコンピがリリース、フリーダウンロードです。

[video] Stieber Twins - Schlangen sind giftig (Figub Brazlevic Remix)

german style

bugseed - echoes

midnight cruise

東亜ビート放送 / yelowe records

[video] HW&W EP.1 - OHBLIV IN LA

Ohbliv came out to LA to kick it & play a few shows.
Heres a video of some live footage and other stuff from his trip we put together.
There's more to come, stay tuned.

ohblivの他にもdevonwho, knxwledge, bahwee, juj, teebs,  house shoesなどもチラッと映ってます
凄く楽しそうです 行きたい

Dec 3, 2011

Dibia$e – Comfort Zone (2011)

Dibia$e – Comfort Zone (2011)

1. Send Me
2. Bulletproof
3. Deep Winter
4. Sub Factor (So Ruff)
5. Blessings
6. Applebeez
7. Serchin For It
Produced & Mixed by Dibia$e
Artwork by Nate James
Selected by KNNY FRSH for FRSH SLCTS
DOWNLOAD: Dibia$e – Comfort Zone
dibiaseのnew albumがfresh selectsからfreeでリリース。

VTech & Fresh Selects present DIBIASE "Skullcrack / Knee Deep" live @ The Fix - Portland, OR from Fresh Selects on Vimeo.

Broke - Chasing Her (2011)

Broke - Chasing Her (2011)

After the success of "Love Exposure", MC/Producer Broke returns with "Chasing Her", his first solo album.
This album is delivered in a jazzy soulful tone, mixed with elegant word play by the California emcee. If you into deep lyricism and jazzy soul escapes we highly recommend to give this one a good listen.
The result is an EP hiphop heads young and old can feel!

以前このblogでも紹介したbrokeがcascade recordsからアルバムを出したみたいです。rain manという曲が好きです。ackryte, repeat pattern, brokeで出したLove Exposureというアルバムもかなりクラシックなのでまだ聴いたことない人は是非。

more info

Broke/ - Another Lost Summer (2011)
Ackryte x Broke x Repeat Pattern - Love Exposure (2010)